denver colorado sunrise august

Denver Colorado August Sunrise

I was going through some pictures, looking back through all my Dad photos, and came across this really nice shot of a Colorado sunrise from August near Denver. This is just the “auto” setting on the camera with no post touch up, or any filter.

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Oregon Can Pump Own Gas

A little over a decade ago, I worked for IBM. Actually, it was a consulting arm of IBM called ISSC. It got rebranded as IBM Global Services. I don’t have any idea what it is called today. Anyway, the point is that I never should

iphone slows down older battery

Apple Slows Down Older iPhones

The headline is actually deceiving. Apple does not slow down your iPhone based on age, or as some conspiracy theorists allege, based on when a new iPhone is coming out. However, it does throttle performance to slow the phone down. Slower iPhone With Old Battery

patreon alternatives

Patreon Alternatives

Sometimes, you can just see the money fly by. I’ve been thinking about, not seriously, but enough to have it rattling around in my brain, about writing an article about Patreon Alternatives. It would be a look at the best ways for someone wanting to

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Updating to WordPress 4.9

Looks like there aren’t a lot of reports of catastrophe when updating to WordPress 4.9, so I’ve taken the plunge and updated this site and some of my others. So far, it seems that most of the improvements are under the hood, with the exception