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Black Friday Sales Scams

It happens every year like clockwork. Big retailers generate sales ads with “unbelievable” savings on items that shoppers want to buy. Then, why do so many customers end up burned on Black Friday? Black Friday Tricks The oldest Black Friday scam in the book is

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Getaround Scam or Good Deal?

I stumbled across this company called Getaround while reading through one of my less focused RSS feed lists. Basically, the way Getaround works is that you can (but do not have to) rent out your car when you are not using it to someone else

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Firefox Calls Out Slow Loading Add-ons

One of the things that makes Mozilla’s Firefox browser so versatile is the wide array of add-ons and plugins users can use to customize exactly how the browser looks, works and feels. Plenty of addons, like Firebug, add functionality that goes above and beyond what

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Warner Bros. Revolutionizes Movie Rentals

Here is something very interesting. Warner Bros. is trying out offering movie rentals via Facebook. Using Facebook’s own Facebook Credit payment system, the company is offering online movie rentals of The Dark Night. What makes this new business strategy so interesting is that it completely

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Are Groupon Offers Worth It?

Someone complained when I made the comment that shoppers may tire quickly of Groupon’s daily deals now that the initial buzz has worn off. My point what that when Groupon started the idea of a sky diving lessons or massages for low prices was compelling

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Hollywood Encouraging Piracy?

Recently, someone recommended a television show that I had not heard of before called The Walking Dead. From what I understand the show follows a band of people trying to survive after a “zombie apocalypse.” The show airs on AMC. I get the AMC channel