Microsoft Office 2010 Launch Events

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Microsoft is doing a series of full-day launch events to spotlight the rollout of several new versions of products for 2010. Of particular interest to this author is the upcoming Office 2010 Release Launch Event in Denver next week. Technically, it is a SharePoint 2010 Launch Even and an Office 2010 Launch Event, but I’m mostly interested in the Office suite off applications at this point.

However, Microsoft’s push into document collaboration with an off-cloud solution (which can, of course, be extended into the cloud) may start paying dividends soon thanks to several nifty new features in Microsoft Word 2010 and other MS Office products.

Word 2010 has a new feature that allows you to work on a document with other people together in real time. As you type, your changes and additions are shown on the screen of other users working on the same Word document. If it is a short document, or if you just happen to be working on the same page, you can actually see it happening. There is an eerie sort of feeling when text that you are typing or editing suddenly starts changing around you. As an added bonus, you can see how fast your coworkers type and how often they hit the backspace key 🙂

I’m most looking forward to this session, but there looks like plenty of good info to go around.

Deploying the Next Wave of Business Productivity — The plan is in place, architecture has been documented and the day has come to deploy. In this session we will look at the tools and enhancements for deploying the Business Productivity Platform, focused particularly around desktop deployment including Office 2010, Visio 2010, and Windows 7. We will also look at deployment and migration of SharePoint sites. Learn more about the best tools and resources available to make your deployments successful.

If you can’t make a whole day event, Microsoft also has half-day launch events scheduled in some cities as well.

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