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Windows 7 Wireless Network Random Disconnects Fixed Yet?

As long time readers of Best Hubris know, I have had a running battle with Microsoft operating systems and wireless networking problems. Yes, by now I may have spent less time and energy by running out and buying a bunch of brand new hardware, but

HP LaserJet 1012 Printer Drivers for Windows 7

Update: It seems (so far) that scripting a stop and start of the Spooler service can eliminate the need to turn the printer off and on. At least as long as you don’t print too much during the automatic scheduled task interval. – Will add

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Google Buzz Gmail Fails Against Facebook & Twitter

Google’s recent attempt to crack the social networking market comes courtesy of an ill-conceived service titled Google Buzz. The idea is that that Buzz provides similar status updates, and shared links, and so on, right inside of your Google email account. Of course, it is

Wireless Networking Drops Connection Windows 7 Troubleshooting

Update: There is an official Windows 7 hotfix regarding WiFi disconnection. It isn’t auto-installed though, so you might want to try it first:¬† Here we go again. I had hoped this crap would be fixed in Windows 7, but apparently the long suffering Microsoft blunder