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Brower Privacy Mode and Small Minded Fools

Nothing says "simple minded" like calling the latest privacy innovation built into browsers "porn-mode". Seriously?  You can’t think of a single reason other than surfing porn that you would want a privacy mode for?  If so, you are either too naive or too obsessed with

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Buying a Netbook? Cheap Ones Are Better Than Expensive Ones

Thinking about buying a lightweight, ultra-portable, netbook computer? You aren’t alone.  Netbook sales have been rising which is a good thing because regular laptop sales have taken a hit during the recession. Now that there are lot of netbook makers out there with multiple models

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Firefox Close Button On Every Tab Minimum Width Glitch

I have installed and uninstalled so many plug-ins for Firefox that I long ago lost count.  As of this writing I have around 35 installed and maybe 20 or so enabled.  So, when I get a little glitch here or there in the Firefox interface,