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patreon alternatives

Patreon Alternatives

Sometimes, you can just see the money fly by. I’ve been thinking about, not seriously, but enough to have it rattling around in my brain, about writing an article about Patreon Alternatives. It would be a look at the best ways for someone wanting to

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No Keyword From Google Search Grows

When I first started writing online for money, I was introduced to Google Analytics. While there is a great deal of information available within Analytics, the key for me, at the time, was the way search keywords were reported. By selecting an overview of the

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Long Posts versus Short Posts

Once upon a time, the conventional wisdom was that Google wouldn’t index, and therefore rank, any thing shorter than 300 words. I wrote an article about how 300 words is basically nothing, noting that an introduction and conclusion could take up 100 of those words

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Social Search Fools Gold

These days, it seems that technology pundits and enthusiasts can’t clamor loudly enough for social network signals to be included in search engine ranking results. It isn’t hard to see why. Your friends probably like a lot of the same things that you do. That

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Google Knowledge Graph Big Deal or Not?

There are two ways to watch what Google does with its search engines. One is through the eyes of the average user, and the other is through the eyes of an online publisher who is concerned about search engine traffic getting to his or her

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Google Abusing Monopoly Power?

Recent Senate hearings focused on whether or not Google was abusing its power as a de facto monopoly in internet searches. Google executives testified that they do not cook the search results that the Google algorithm generates to favor their own internet properties, nor do