New Color in Microsoft Security Essentials: Gray?

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If you use Microsoft Security Essentials as your anti-virus tool, you may have started feeling uncomfortable after a recent update to MSE changed the background color from blue to gray.

Apparently, according the unmoderated Microsoft Answers website, there is a new color scheme for Microsoft Security Essentials and the new gray color is not an indication that MSE itself has been compromised.

mse-new-colorsIf you want to be 100 percent sure, you’ll need to run a boot-time virus scan and / or download the Microsoft Malware Removal tool. You could also run one of the other anti-virus company’s online virus scans to get a second opinion, although if MSE were compromised in such a way that kept it from being detected by the Antimalware Service running on Windows 7, it is likely the same virus would be able to avoid detection by an online virus scanner.

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Security Essentials Updates

It would be nice if Microsoft had mentioned the new color scheme. After all, security software is the one thing that each user has to be very careful about monitoring and installing correctly. It does not inspire confidence when one goes online to Microsoft’s website or the Security Essentials help files and finds nothing but screenshots of MSE running with a blue color scheme instead of the new black and white looking gray color scheme.


The above is one of the support videos on Microsoft’s official Security Essentials website. Notice the familiar blue color scheme for the background and the tab colors.

A different background color might be just the sort of thing to clue a computer user into the fact that there was something wrong with their antivirus software. A little notice or heads up of some sort might have been nice.

Good day to you all.

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