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The other day — well, actually it was yesterday — someone from RescueTime commented on a recent post about an automatic time tracking utility that I found which I am looking at to replace RescueTime.

The commenter essentially posted a rebuttal about some comments I made regarding RescueTime.  He was partly right 🙂

At the time, I simply assumed that whoever it was that had dropped by to make a comment was one of the marketing guys, or a PR guy, or maybe even a programmer.  When I had some more time, I did some clicking around, and it turns out it was the guy who founded the company.  His name is Tony Wright, and he has a blog.  (Actually, he has a couple.)

I started reading his blog at  I like it.  It’s like some of the other “bigger name” blogs from so-called serial entrepreneurs who start-up multiple companies, only it actually makes sense.  And it isn’t all about venture capital, which unless you are starting up a web-service business, you will almost certainly never need or use.

Two really great things about it are that it both has interesting stories and events to relate, and that he drops the names of a lot of cool services, companies, or people that I haven’t really come across before.

I’m always looking for new sources of business, start-up, and entrepreneur information that I can actually stomach reading.  (Sorry, but most of those guys are so self promotional that I can’t help but wonder if they’re one quiet month away from dumpster diving.)  So, it was nice to come across his blog.

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