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best led light bulbs

Replace All Bulbs With LED Bulbs

I have made the switch to LED bulbs. This didn’t happen out of any concern for the environment or out of any desire to save electricity, although those are both nice side benefits. It turns out there are great reasons to switch to LED bulbs

3 alarm fire three alarm fire

What Is A 3-Alarm Fire

I did some research for an article recently that was kind of interesting. The definition of a three-alarm fire, or the definition of a 3-alarm fire, is not set thing across all fire departments.  The term three-alarm fire simply means that 3 different sets of

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I Won’t Watch Your Video Blog Post

A growing trend in blogging as well as informational website production is the video blog post. It’s cousin, the video tutorial, has been around a little longer and with much better justification. When it comes to explaining things, sometimes it is much easier to show

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Binaural Beats the True Scientific Results

I am frequently looking into various medications, technologies, and research with an eye on self-improvement.  Frankly, there isn’t much wrong with me, so generally, I go looking for something that might be a little extra bonus.  There isn’t much out there for that. Recently I

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Bugs Bunny Cartoons Teach Classical Music Appreciation

I couldn’t decide if this was really sad, or really funny.  I’ve decided to be the optomistic glass half-full type this morning, so I’m going with funny. From offers its 5 Hours of Classical Favorites, an assortment of 49 DRM-free classical music MP3