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3 alarm fire three alarm fire

What Is A 3-Alarm Fire

I did some research for an article recently that was kind of interesting. The definition of a three-alarm fire, or the definition of a 3-alarm fire, is not set thing across all fire departments.  The term three-alarm fire simply means that 3 different sets of

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I Won’t Watch Your Video Blog Post

A growing trend in blogging as well as informational website production is the video blog post. It’s cousin, the video tutorial, has been around a little longer and with much better justification. When it comes to explaining things, sometimes it is much easier to show

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Binaural Beats the True Scientific Results

I am frequently looking into various medications, technologies, and research with an eye on self-improvement.  Frankly, there isn’t much wrong with me, so generally, I go looking for something that might be a little extra bonus.  There isn’t much out there for that. Recently I

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Bugs Bunny Cartoons Teach Classical Music Appreciation

I couldn’t decide if this was really sad, or really funny.  I’ve decided to be the optomistic glass half-full type this morning, so I’m going with funny. From offers its 5 Hours of Classical Favorites, an assortment of 49 DRM-free classical music MP3