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amazon prime day 2016

Amazon Prime Day Worth It This Time?

Last year, Amazon made a big deal out of its 20th Anniversary by starting “Amazon Prime” day. The idea was that there would be huge sales and lots of savings and everyone would love Amazon and Amazon Prime. The trouble was that any decent sales

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How Charity Fundraising Poisons the Well

I’m not a Rockefeller, and I don’t have a charitable trust fund, but I do pretty well, and occasionally, I do donate money to various charities. I also donate household items and clothing on a pretty regular basis since I have kids at that age

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GM Says Facebook Ads Worthless

It was only a month ago, just before the ultimately difficult Facebook IPO, that news GM was abandoning its Facebook ads was reported. The ensuing response cam fast and loud. Bloggers, reporters and researchers all piled on questioning the value of advertising on Facebook. After

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Use AdWords Negative Keywords to Target Ads Better

I’m a professional freelance writer who makes money writing online in several ways, one of which is using Google AdSense on websites I own and publish content on. I don’t do much (Ok, none) buying of ads via Google’s AdWords platform. However, an AdSense publisher

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Support for NoScript JavaScript Disabled Browsers

I can’t help but wonder, considering the number of websites and web developers who insist on ensuring that their websites are still fully compliant with Internet Explorer 6, which was rendered obsolete long ago, should other non-standard browser configurations be considered as well? Has anyone

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Blocking Advertising Hurting Good Sites

The website Smashing Magazine published a take on whether or not ad blocking software hurts good websites and by extension those who make their living working with good websites. This time the article comes from the point of view of web designers. My conclusions remain