Amazon Prime Day Worth It This Time?

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Last year, Amazon made a big deal out of its 20th Anniversary by starting “Amazon Prime” day. The idea was that there would be huge sales and lots of savings and everyone would love Amazon and Amazon Prime. The trouble was that any decent sales sold out so quickly that lots of people never even saw them, let alone go to buy one. That left a lot of people with the impression that the highlights of Amazon Prime day were things like 40% off of drain cleaner.

Amazon Prime Day 2016

Will the company do better for Amazon Prime Day in 2016?

If there is one thing that Amazon is good at, it is reading the data it gets back from its customers, and reacting appropriately. Whether or not the sales will be any better, or whether there will be more opportunity to get in on the best deals remains to be seen, however, Amazon has beefed up both its app and its website to better show and position its Amazon Prime Day sales. It also will allow online shoppers to sort by category which should help keep someone interested in buying great deals on camping supplies from scrolling endlessly through deals on pet supplies.

amazon prime day 2016

Of course, how well the sale actually goes is moot. Last year, Amazon claimed it was a huge shopping day, and the whole thing was a huge success, even if customers were underwhelmed. Besides, what really matters is that people have been talking and writing about Amazon Prime day for the last two and half weeks as the company has trickled out various “countdown” sales.

It all adds up to millions of dollars worth of free advertising for Amazon, at the halfway mark of the year, six months away from the strong Christmas holiday shopping season. No matter how great or bad, the sales end up actually being, people will be talking about it, and thousands (millions?) of people will sign up for a 30-day free trial of Amazon Prime that they might end up keeping and paying for, which, is really the whole point of this exercise.

See you at the online shopping mall later this week 🙂

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