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Amazon Affiliates Shuts Down Twitter and Link Shorteners

Update: It seems that Amazon is going out of its way to make me look foolish 🙂  Just kidding. Actually, just got an email update, partially excerpted below, from the Amazon Associates folks about a new way that the affiliate program will integrate directly with

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SEO When SEO Wasn’t Cool

Most companies not founded in the last five years, and those with a long-term eye on the future focus their branding efforts on differentiating themselves from the key words that describe their business, not the other way around like SEO demands. But, these companies managed to create search optimized brands without any SEO at all.

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Too Many Years of SEO Experience?

How much SEO experience can someone legitimately claim? What about experience as an “industry leader” in SEO? Does anyone wonder about numbers that strain the possiblities of reality?