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Google has done everyone a big favor with its Google Chrome web browser. Like all other major web browsers, Chrome allows users to install extensions which allow for additional or customized functionality to be added to individual software installations. In this way, every user can get the features and functions that they need and want from their web browser without the original developer having to build, test, and install every one of those features into the main browser software installation package. In this world of over-bloated software (I’m looking at you Adobe), extensions have the added benefit of providing what some users want, while not forcing other users to have the code installed but never used.

Unfortunately, installing extensions is a lot like installing other software or utilities on your computer. By installing them, you are giving the software access and permissions to do things with your data. That means that it is very important to only install software or extensions from developers you trust. The catch is that it is not always easy to know for sure that the extension you are installing is from a trusted developer, especially if you are trying to install a Chrome version of an extension you already know and trust from another browser like Firefox, because there is nothing to keep an unscrupulous developer from taking the same name.

Google verifies extensions offered in its Extensions Gallery for Chrome by telling you what domain name or web address the developer has. If you like the Xmarks extension on Firefox and you know that extension comes from a developer at, all you need to do to trust the Xmarks extension from Google’s Chrome Extension Gallery is look for the Google verification that the extension you are looking at has been verified as from

Stay safe, and happy web surfing.

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