Legal to Search Cell Phone Without a Warrant

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Although the case is being misinterpreted all over the Internet, it is true that police officers and other government law enforcement agencies can search your cell phone without first obtaining a warrant. The part that everyone is leaving out, is that they may search your mobile phone without a warrant after you have been arrested.

In other words, just like your coat pockets, and other personal affects, your cell phone may be looked at by police officers once you have been legally detained for probable cause (arrested). It’s not like a cop can just grab your iPhone and go through it for no reason. Also, police have no more access to calls you make and recieve on your cell phone than they do with your regular phone.

If you are waiting for this court decision to be overturned, don’t hold your breath. This case went 5-2 in California, one of the most liberal courts in the land, so chances are not good for this one to be thrown out higher up the legal food chain.

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