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Easy Software Installation Online

Ninite is my favorite service on the entire internet. Essentially, it is a software installation service, but in reality, it is so much more. For some reason, the auto-update feature of many software programs fails from time to time. On my computer, the number one

Black Friday Sales Scams

It happens every year like clockwork. Big retailers generate sales ads with “unbelievable” savings on items that shoppers want to buy. Then, why do so many customers end up burned on Black Friday? Black Friday Tricks The oldest Black Friday scam in the book is

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Google Abusing Monopoly Power?

Recent Senate hearings focused on whether or not Google was abusing its power as a de facto monopoly in internet searches. Google executives testified that they do not cook the search results that the Google algorithm generates to favor their own internet properties, nor do

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Primary Election Stupidity

In 2008, it was the Democrat’s fault. Some states sought to bolster their impact in choosing the Democratic Presidential nominee by moving up their primaries to become one of the “early” primaries. The most dramatic and meaningful of these decisions was Michigan’s move up so

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Blood Runs Blue BYU Comic

A buddy of mine, and professional cartoonist, Aaron Taylor has launched a very funny BYU webcomic dedicated to the BYU Cougars. While aimed squarely at BYU and BYU athletics, there is plenty of funny stuff about college athletics in general, including the nature of college