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Windshield Replacement Denver

So, I just got my windshield replaced. It wasn’t as expensive as I remember, or maybe I just have more money now, I’m not sure. Either way, the process has changed a bit, at least here in Denver. For starters, the guy came to my

nolah mattress

Nolah Mattress Review – Internet Mattress in a Box

For all the talk of so-called disruption in other industries, there may be no bigger movement than the mattress in a box industry that sprang up practically overnight. The idea is simple. Instead of spending thousands of dollars for a mattress that has been marked

fitbit flex 2 actual size

Fitbit Flex Review

I’m turning over a new leaf. I’ll write about that later, but as part of said leaf-turning, I bought a Fitbit Flex 2. I’ll cover why later, but for now, let’s start with a nice review of how well a Fitbit Flex 2 works for

soylent bags

Soylent for Weight Loss

Soylent is a shake mix developed by some tech guys and initially funded via a Kickstarter program. After some difficulties and delays, the company finally seems up and running in a such a way that the formula both works, and can now be ordered without

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Quitting Valentines Day

There are a lot of people out there who hate Valentine’s Day. Most of them hate it, not because they actually hate V-Day, but rather because they hate how it reminds them that they don’t have someone special in their life to share it with.

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Sprint LG Optimus Gingerbread Update Makes Volume Too Loud

Like many others, I had an issue with the in-call volume on my Sprint LG Optimus being too loud after updating to the latest version of Android. Sprint pushed the new Gingerbread Android OS to LG Optimus S phones in late September. The good news