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Soylent for Weight Loss

Soylent is a shake mix developed by some tech guys and initially funded via a Kickstarter program. After some difficulties and delays, the company finally seems up and running in a such a way that the formula both works, and can now be ordered without

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Quitting Valentines Day

There are a lot of people out there who hate Valentine’s Day. Most of them hate it, not because they actually hate V-Day, but rather because they hate how it reminds them that they don’t have someone special in their life to share it with.

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Sprint LG Optimus Gingerbread Update Makes Volume Too Loud

Like many others, I had an issue with the in-call volume on my Sprint LG Optimus being too loud after updating to the latest version of Android. Sprint pushed the new Gingerbread Android OS to LG Optimus S phones in late September. The good news

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Blood Runs Blue BYU Comic

A buddy of mine, and professional cartoonist, Aaron Taylor has launched a very funny BYU webcomic dedicated to the BYU Cougars. While aimed squarely at BYU and BYU athletics, there is plenty of funny stuff about college athletics in general, including the nature of college

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Sprint LG Optimus Android Update

My phone was switched off this morning and drained of battery. I have a mid-level / low-end, depending upon who you talk to, Android cell phone from Sprint. It is an LG Optimus S ; although, from what I understand, the S is pretty much

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Things I Need to Read

Here is a partial list of the things I need to read to stay on top of all the things from my Twitter feed that I have found interesting or that I think I need to know for business or personal reasons. I use the