New Year’s Resolution 2009

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It is a few days after New Year’s Day, but I think I’m close enough for it to count.  My resolution this year is different than previous years, and reflects my evolving thought process regarding improving my self, my life, and my world.  So this year, my resolution is:

Do 100 Little Things.

More specifically, to do 100 little things to improve my self, my life, and my world.  I did the first this morning.

The utility company here in Colorado is Xcel Energy.  They have a program where they supply free heat to people who can’t afford to pay their bills.  The program essentially takes money out of Xcel’s own pocket to match dollars from the government to help those who cannot pay their heating bill.  It beats the heck out of someone freezing to death in an “advanced” society such as ours.  Of course, the program is always short on funds and the list of qualified people is longer than the availability.

In keeping with my resolution, I will not agonize over the situation, nor try and solve it on my own.  However, I will do one little thing to help.  In this way, I can continue to contribute to the world around me, while not losing my ability to focus on the things that are central to me and my loved ones.  So, I added $1 per month to my utility payment to go to the program.  Granted, that is just $12 extra dollars, but as they say, if everyone did one little thing, we could solve the whole problem.

If you live where Xcel Energy provides your utilities I encourage you to add $1 to your monthly payments as well.  If you setup auto-pay, it will happen each and every month without you having to even remember it.

Here is to a great 2009.

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