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No Thumbnail or Smart Scammers

I’ve ordered some things from SmartBargains in the past.  I even joined their SmartBargains member club or whatever it was for $7.95 so I could save money on shipping.  But, I think that I have to put them on my scammers list after this week.

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How To Block Phone Numbers On Comcast Voice Service

Use Comcast’s phone service?  If so, you can block incoming calls by their caller ID number so that telemarketers, charities, and even bill collectors who use one of the loopholes to get around the Do Not Call list stop bothering you. While the feature isn’t

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Comodo Anti-Virus and Firewall

After experimenting with various anti-virus and firewall software lately, I’ve settled on using Comodo Internet Security for my home office network for now. This all started when I actually caught a virus on my PC.  I never did find out exactly what it was or

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When Is Procrastinating Kismet?

It is always fun to find new art that you can enjoy. I love Edvard Munch.  I once travelled to Vienna primarily to see The Scream painting that was part of a large Munch exhibit they had at a newly renovated art museum there.  As

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Visual Web Developer Express Locks Up All the Time

I wanted to try Microsoft’s Visual Web Developer Express.  Frankly, I think that Adobe Dreamweaver CS3 might be a little bit like using a sledgehammer to kill a fly based for many of my daily website development tasks.  Sure, if I’m building a new site

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A New HP Laptop, for the Keyboard

I need a new laptop.  No, really.  This isn’t one of those guy things where I say I need a new laptop and that means that I want a new laptop.  My hard drive is failing.  I get those semi-random blue screens when I boot