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smartbargains-lies I’ve ordered some things from SmartBargains in the past.  I even joined their SmartBargains member club or whatever it was for $7.95 so I could save money on shipping.  But, I think that I have to put them on my scammers list after this week.

On Monday, my wife emailed me a rug she liked for our daughter’s room.  It said there were 8 left.  On Tuesday, it still said there were 8 left, so we aren’t talking about an item that is flying off the shelves.  I decided to order it Tuesday evening and the site still said their were 8 left.

I got an order confirmation email later that night.  On Wednesday morning, I got an email telling me my order was cancelled.  The excuse was that sometimes manufacturers sent them things that turned out to be unsalable.  But, my bull detector was ringing off the hook.

On Thursday, the day after my email telling me that they were all out and that they had to cancel my order, the website said they had 4 left! My wife called the “customer service” line and got the run around.  Basically, the person on the other end of the phone had to go talk to their supervisor 3 different times.  Now, right there, you know that this is terrible customer service.  If your person can’t answer the questions, then it is time for the supervisor to get on the line.

Only, the supervisor’s answers aren’t any better.  Their answer was that the website was not up to date!  Excuse me?  If you put up something like “4 left” that is a indication that your site is somehow live.  But, I suppose a disclaimer would take care of that.

Guess what?  There isn’t one.  And, there isn’t any kind of guarantee of when or how often the site is updated either.  All of that “Just One Left” crap on their website it BOGUS!  They can’t even tell you how often their site is updated.

Oh, and do you know what?  This is the only order I have ever had a problem on.  I suppose it comes as no surprise that this is also the only order I have tried to use a discount coupon on either.  It was 15% off up to $300 and my order was around $250, so it was a killer deal.  Of course it was cancelled.

Well, Smartbargains, you can just stop sending me those once a day emails you fill my inbox with, because you have lost a customer forever.  I can understand an issue affecting an order, but I won’t do business with a company whose website is filled with un-updated lies.

Oh, and guess what?  Friday Evening – That’s 2 days after I got an email telling me that they had to cancel my order because they are out of stock – It still says 4 available.

Heck, it might STILL be there —

Liar, liar, pants on fire…


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