Windows Live Writer – Ignore All Only?

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I love Windows Live Writer.  Ok, that’s a bit too strong.  Let me put it this way.  Windows Live Writer is the best way to write blog posts for the high volume writer that there is as of right now.

That being said, what is the deal with the spell check?  It works OK, but the only option when encountering a word it doesn’t like is IGNORE ALL.  What about the ignore once option?  I mean, it is already in every version of Microsoft Office there is, could it really be that hard to port the code over?  And, if so, isn’t it time to fix that?

It isn’t a big deal, but I just can’t quite work out why it would work that way.  Ninety percent of the time, ignore all, is just fine, but every once and a while, while running spell check, you look at that dialog box and think, “Oh, man.  If I ignore all, it’s going to miss any of the others that aren’t OK to ignore.”

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