Windshield Replacement Denver

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So, I just got my windshield replaced. It wasn’t as expensive as I remember, or maybe I just have more money now, I’m not sure.

Either way, the process has changed a bit, at least here in Denver. For starters, the guy came to my house instead of me taking it in, even though I called a shop with a physical location. I guess that’s a good thing, because I’m not supposed to drive the car with the new windshield for at least an hour. (Although the place is walking distance from the library, so I could have made it work.)

It looks pretty good. Previously it had a crack that had made its way all the way across side to side. My understanding is that up and down windshield cracks are more dangerous. Of course, vertical cracks are also less common because the grain in the shatter resistant glass goes the other way. I guess that’s what makes them more dangerous.

Two new things though. One is to keep the windows cracked a bit. Apparently, if the car heats up, you know sitting in the sun, pressure builds up inside the car. That pressure pushes out on the windshield and can actually mess up the seal. Open windows = vent. Vent = no pressure build up.

The kind of kicker is that I can’t do any “high speed” driving for four hours. ThisĀ was going to be a problem because I’m going to a training on how to program Alexa skills tonight, but it turns out it isn’t in Boulder after all, so I won’t be flying down Highway 36. The interesting part is that it would have been 3 1/2 hours, so I start thinking, “Does it really have to be 4 hours, or do they round up to be safe?”

I think like this all of the time, wondering what “they” aren’t telling me, or how “they” are coddling me because I’m a stupid American who does foolish stuff.

Anyway, I need to republish my Brian Nelson blog so I don’t have to write stuff like this here. Maybe I’ll work on that tomorrow. I have a gap in freelance writing assignments. Or, maybe I’ll try and work on cleaning up my office. After all, I only moved in here four months ago…

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