Amendment 68 Analysis Colorado

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Amendment 68 in Colorado for the 2014 election is an interesting ballot measure. It is very long, and has several sections. It offers significant tax revenue for Colorado schools. So, how do you get an impartial analysis of Amendment 68 without all the scary music on those political ads?

I’m glad you asked.

Here is a fair Amendment 68 voting guide.

Deciding how to vote on Amendment 68 is actually pretty easy. Obviously, if you oppose expanding gambling in Colorado, then you should vote no. But, what if you like the idea of expanded gambling, or if you like the idea of more money for schools from casinos?

There is only one downside, it’s buried in Section 7 (a)

…Gaming may take place only in the counties of Arapahoe, Mesa and Pueblo. Only one horse racetrack in each of the specified three counties may be licensed…

And, there you go folks.

One, exactly ONE, casino will be allowed near Denver. Two other casinos will be allowed far away.

Deciding how to vote on Amendment 68 is a single question. Do you think that it is fair, and ethical to allow a single casino near metro Denver? Is it fair to have casinos near Grand Junction and Pueblo, but not any casino up north, say near Ft. Collins / Loveland, or one out east? Why not near Colorado Springs? What makes these three counties so special? Is it fair that all other counties are excluded? Is it fair that the people of Arapahoe county (and the surrounding cities) have no say, other than a statewide vote?

If you care about school funding, wouldn’t allowing more casinos raise more money? It doesn’t need to be unlimited, but what about one casino for every county? What two casinos in each of those three counties? It’s a little bit greedy to want the only Front Range casino, isn’t it?

Frankly, I don’t mind the idea of expanding gambling a little bit more in Colorado, but I’m not about to give a single company a monopoly on Denver area gambling. Even if you like gambling, wouldn’t you want to be able to choose your favorite casino, not just have one, take it or leave it, choice?

Don’t take my word for it. Here is the official ballot document filed with the Secretary of State. This is the exact text that will become law if voters pass Amendment 68. Just scroll down to section 7 (a). It’s right there in black and white.

Amendment 68 ballot guide

True, official Amendment 68 Colorado ballot text


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