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Ok, that title isn’t 100% correct, but I’m going with close enough. If Google sent you here and you are disappointed, blame their search algorithm’s over-reliance on title tags and header tags for ranking webpages and other content in their search engine results pages, or SERPs. Now, onto the main event.

Basically, this page serves as a place and manner to define useful phrases, terms, and acronyms for business, strategy, or other purposes by me and my like minded writers. If you coin a phrase that I think really hits the nail on the head, I’ll list it here with a credit link (fully followed link, by the way) back to you and your original usage. Or, where I first saw it. If you own the site that I link to and would like the credit link to point to another page, let me know. Just make sure it is where the phrase is used first or most or best. I’m not interested in linking to your keyword optimized, SEO enhanced, one-page on the whole website that you optimize for webpages page.

The Big G

I have this theory that Google may (or may not) adjust the indexing and ranking of certain webpages about certain topics depending upon whether or not they are mentioned. Likewise, terms like indexes, SERP, search engines, and so on, would get the same treatment. I have no proof, or evidence. It just seems

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