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amazon treasure truck denver vitamix deal

Amazon Treasure Truck in Denver

Update: So far, I’ve seen Halloween candy, and now a Anova Sous Vide Precision Cooker with Bluetooth and Wifi. As near as I can tell, it attaches to the side of a pan and keeps the water inside at a certain “precision” temperature. Then, you

amazon prime day 2016

Amazon Prime Day Worth It This Time?

Last year, Amazon made a big deal out of its 20th Anniversary by starting “Amazon Prime” day. The idea was that there would be huge sales and lots of savings and everyone would love Amazon and Amazon Prime. The trouble was that any decent sales

amazon prime

Amazon Makes Prime Cheaper

There are a lot of articles out there this week about Amazon raising the minimum purchase for free shipping. This is not a price increase, so much as a price cut for Amazon Prime. Consider that Amazon Prime makes up a lot of Amazon’s revenue