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iphone slows down older battery

Apple Slows Down Older iPhones

The headline is actually deceiving. Apple does not slow down your iPhone based on age, or as some conspiracy theorists allege, based on when a new iPhone is coming out. However, it does throttle performance to slow the phone down. Slower iPhone With Old Battery

new macbook pro in box

My New MacBook Pro

So, I finally broke down and bought a MacBook Pro. I did it for two reasons. First, I had a little netbook a few years ago that I really liked, but the battery wouldn’t charge anymore and they wanted almost $100 for a new one.

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Will Apple Subscription Demand Destroy the iPhone

The Apple iPhone and Apple iPad are some of the most revolutionary and beloved devices on the planet. So many people use them, in fact, that providing a user friendly, integrated means for publishers to sell and install content on these devices is a valuable

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Galaxy Tab Flash Support Shows Flash Sucks?

An interesting development in the world of technology may be inadvertently playing out with the release of Samsung’s Galaxy Tab tablet computer. When Apple released the iPad to much fanfare in early 2010, one of the big things people noticed was that the device did