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Long Posts versus Short Posts

Once upon a time, the conventional wisdom was that Google wouldn’t index, and therefore rank, any thing shorter than 300 words. I wrote an article about how 300 words is basically nothing, noting that an introduction and conclusion could take up 100 of those words

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I Won’t Watch Your Video Blog Post

A growing trend in blogging as well as informational website production is the video blog post. It’s cousin, the video tutorial, has been around a little longer and with much better justification. When it comes to explaining things, sometimes it is much easier to show

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Blogging Software Search

Ok, now that I’m running several websites: www.financegourmet.com www.arcticllama.com www.undefeateddaddy.com with more on the way, I need good blogging software. By good I mean I need it to do more than just be a text editor with a publish button. This theme I’m using uses