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denver colorado sunrise august

Denver Colorado August Sunrise

I was going through some pictures, looking back through all my Dad photos, and came across this really nice shot of a Colorado sunrise from August near Denver. This is just the “auto” setting on the camera with no post touch up, or any filter.

renting cars for uber

Uber and Enterprise To Rent Cars to Drivers

So, here is an interesting idea. Uber needs drivers to drive around the customers who book a ride on the Uber app. Traditionally, that means having your own car, and not just any car. The car has to meet Uber’s standards. While these standards have

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Denver Olympics – Where Bad Dreams Won’t Die

Most Americans don’t know much American history, let alone the local history of areas they don’t live in, so let me help those of you not from Colorado out. Denver, Colorado was awarded the Winter Olympics in 1976. If you are familiar with your Olympic

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Tips For Choosing A Quality Vendor

The Denver Public Library recently redesigned its main website. The new site is colorful, updated in looks and design, and appears to be an improvement over its old website. Unfortunately, this is another case of beauty only being skin deep. The vendor that the library