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Why Were Election Polls So Wrong?

Earlier this year, the polls in England all but assured that the referendum on leaving the European Union, dubbed “Brexit”, would be defeated. Similarly, almost all U.S. election polls predicted a Hillary Clinton victory in the race for President. Both were staggeringly wrong. Why Polls

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Election Results Reality

Politics is a messy business. By its very nature, it involves getting people to do what they otherwise would not, whether by compromise, or force. Either way, a lot of people end up feeling like they were not listened to. On the other hand, when

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Election Emails

Years ago, we had a friend who personally knew someone who was running for a political office. I don’t even remember who, or what office now. I didn’t know the person running, but my friend knew him and threw a fundraising party. In support, (of

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Amendment 68 Analysis Colorado

Amendment 68 in Colorado for the 2014 election is an interesting ballot measure. It is very long, and has several sections. It offers significant tax revenue for Colorado schools. So, how do you get an impartial analysis of Amendment 68 without all the scary music

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Early Colorado Campaign Commercials

During the 2012 election, someone decided that Colorado was a so-called battleground state. That meant that for months we endured endless political ads and commercials. We also got several visits from both President Obama and Mitt Romney. There were some in other states who complained

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Primary Election Stupidity

In 2008, it was the Democrat’s fault. Some states sought to bolster their impact in choosing the Democratic Presidential nominee by moving up their primaries to become one of the “early” primaries. The most dramatic and meaningful of these decisions was Michigan’s move up so