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Best Firefox Addon For More Productivity

I usually don’t like to post stubs or preliminary articles like this, but I went all reviewer on Mozilla.org this morning and, of course, ended up writing a review of my favorite Firefox add-on of all time, Speed Dial. As that review got longer I

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Firefox Personas Preview Feature

When you spend a lot of time in the world of technology it is easy to get jaded. New features that are promoted (self-promoted, and then echoed by lazy writers) are almost never as useful as they are supposed to be, and half the time,

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MediaFire Takedown Notice Threatens Mozilla Over SkipScreen

MediaFire, a file sharing website loaded with copyrighted files, has sent a hypocritical takedown notice to Mozilla over Firefox plug-in SkipScreen. Since Mozilla has no control over SkipScreen, and since Mozilla itself is not violating MediaFire’s terms of service, there is only one reason they sent the takedown notice to Mozilla, legal extortion. MediaFire hopes that Mozilla will be too afraid of the cost of litigation and simply comply with the request even though it has no merit.