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Colorado Express Lane Transponder Free – Sort Of

Not long ago, I, like many other Coloradoans, bit the bullet, and ponied up $35 for a “switchable transponder,” so that I could use the express lanes for free while carpooling. Wait. That probably doesn’t make too much sense. Let’s back up. Free, But You


Tesla, Dealerships and the States

Tesla is a new car company that currently makes only electric cars. That in itself is revolutionary, but the company is looking at completely remaking the entire car selling and buying model, and that is ruffling some feathers setting up a Tesla versus dealerships battle

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New Light Bulb Law Truth

New light bulbs have arrived and the old versions of 100 watt bulbs and 75 watt bulbs have begun to disappear from store shelves. The new light bulb laws now mean that the old, hot, inefficient 100 watt light bulbs that power old-fashioned Easy Bake

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Why Are There Nonessential Government Services

With the government shutdown, there has been a lot of talk about nonessential government personnel and nonessential government services. In particular, many people are asking if these people and the services they provide are not essential, then what are we wasting money on them for

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New Government Vehicle Crash Ratings Scores

Usually, private industry has figured out how they are going to get around new government rules and safety programs before they ever come out. The credit card industry was already inventing new credit card fees and raising old fees and charges before the new credit