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mrsa super space station virus

NASA Sends Super-Bacteria to Space Station

Am I the only one who has ever watched a science fiction movie?! NASA, in conjunction with a medical researcher just sent the “antibiotic-resistant superbug” MRSA into space where astronauts will study how it grows and mutates in zero-gravity. I’ll tell you how it grows

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Better More Recent Google Results

Need better search results on Google? Need more recent results for Google searches? Want to reduce irrelevant Google search results? Consider using the More Search tools menu located in the left toolbar on the Google search website. I’ve noticed a lot of Google search users

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Flaws in the System

One of the most difficult things in business, consulting, and analysis is the unforeseen flaw.  That tiny little gotcha that seems obvious in hindsight that just didn’t come up during months of preparation. Sometimes, that flaw is the fault of the system.  Sometimes, that flaw