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Why Won’t Code Editors Print?

I’ve been working on various types of web development for years now. In that time, I’ve used several text editors, code editors, integrated development environments (IDE), or other software coding tools. Some of them I used by choice after hearing great things, others I was

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Easy Software Installation Online

Ninite is my favorite service on the entire internet. Essentially, it is a software installation service, but in reality, it is so much more. For some reason, the auto-update feature of many software programs fails from time to time. On my computer, the number one

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Firefox Calls Out Slow Loading Add-ons

One of the things that makes Mozilla’s Firefox browser so versatile is the wide array of add-ons and plugins users can use to customize exactly how the browser looks, works and feels. Plenty of addons, like Firebug, add functionality that goes above and beyond what

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Google Chrome Built-In PDF Viewer

Yeah! Google Chrome is finally getting with the program. Well, part of it anyway. A blog post announced that Google Chrome beta is getting a built-in PDF reader. That means that I will no longer have to have a temporary directory to download PDF files

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RapidShare Changes Confusing Users

Although I am, among other things, a freelance technology writer today, I was once a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer, aka MCSE and a pretty high-level systems administrator. As such, computers have always been pretty easy for me. For most software, I don’t read the instruction