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Root Android Galaxy S4 to Cyanogen Mod

Once upon a time, I was a super-techie. I knew pretty much everything about any piece of technology I used. Partly, it was my job, as a high-level systems administrator, but it was also a love of gadgets, computers, and electronics. However, my Samsung Galaxy

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Sprint Desperate to Buy T Mobile

Recent news reports suggest that Sprint is looking into the possibility of buying out rival wireless carrier T-Mobile. On one hand, this is a possibly strategic merger between the number three and number four wireless carriers. Even with the buyout, Sprint would remain the number

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Sprint LG Optimus Android Update

My phone was switched off this morning and drained of battery. I have a mid-level / low-end, depending upon who you talk to, Android cell phone from Sprint. It is an LG Optimus S ; although, from what I understand, the S is pretty much