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How Can Twitter Not Be Profitable

Something keeps bothering me about Twitter losing money. The company claims 330 million active monthly users. If they were overly optimistic, or using a very generous definition of “active,” lets cut that in half to 150 million active users each month. Now, if they could

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I’m On Ello, Now What?

So, by now, you’ve probably heard of Ello. Ello, which I’m guessing is “hello” without the h, is a new, privacy-focused social network. Specifically, Ello has picked up traction recently because of Facebook’s real name policy and the fact that commercial social networks such as

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Twitter Retweeting Your Favorites Right or Wrong

Twitter has come under some scrutiny lately after people started noticing that Twitter was essentially turning some of your favorites into retweets. Most people instantly reacted that this was a terrible idea and that Twitter should be ashamed of itself. While it’s true that Twitter

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Why Some People Hate Manual Retweets

There are many different reasons people use Twitter. Depending on why and how you use Twitter, you may have come across an interesting phenomenon where some people are very particular about how you retweet them. Twitter Retweet Etiquette When it comes to Twitter, there really

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Why Everyone Got LinkedIn Top 5 Percent Email

There is a bit of cloud brewing on Twitter and elsewhere over an email sent by LinkedIn. In the email, the company congratulates the user for having one of the “top 5% most viewed profiles.” The catch is that it is starting to seem like

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Social Search Fools Gold

These days, it seems that technology pundits and enthusiasts can’t clamor loudly enough for social network signals to be included in search engine ranking results. It isn’t hard to see why. Your friends probably like a lot of the same things that you do. That