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WestHost Web Hosting Unreliable

At the beginning of this year, I renewed my webhosting arrangement with WestHost and immediately regretted it when my server suffered hours of downtime in February. Since then, I’ve “caught” my server down several times. This is particularly distressing because I don’t monitor it constantly,

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Pop-Up Windows in Online Ordering

I like to order pizza online from Pizza Hut. There are two primary reasons for this. First, I don’t have to go hunting for coupons because Pizza Hut shows both its current coupons and its advertised specials under “Deals” on the website. Second, I can

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Allow All Third-Party AdSense Networks

I’ve been micro-managing which Google certified ad networks have been allowed on my websites. However, lately, I remembered that there was a time when I allowed them all and saw my earnings go up. I did not click the AdSense publisher option to automatically allow