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Ok, now that I’m running several websites:

with more on the way, I need good blogging software. By good I mean I need it to do more than just be a text editor with a publish button. This theme I’m using uses the “custom fields” so ideally the blogging software I find would handle those. Oh, and it can’t do what that piece of crap from Microsoft does by randomly naming my images that I carefully choose file names for to whatever it wants when I upload. What the heck is up with that? Does Microsoft intentionally try to make their products useless to power users? The terrible implementation of CSS in IE STILL has us coding bizarre workarounds for it. Now Windows Live Writer comes with an undocumented random image name generator. When you publish your blog posting Live Writer takes the file name that you gave your image file and adds a bunch of junk to it, because it knows that what you really want is a file named “winodwslivewriter-articletitle-yourfilename”

Yea! Just what nobody on the whole planet wanted! If I named the file guy-on-a-bench.jpg it was because I wanted the file to be named guy-on-a-bench.jpg. No doubt this stupid idea is someone’s idea of “branding”. Jerks. Well, there goes the uninstall program. You guys are morons once again. Good thing you have that monopoly because man, are you incompetent.

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