Propane Taxi Review

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Once upon a time, everything I ordered online was so that I could get it cheaper. Then, I added in when I couldn’t get things locally. Lately, I’ve started ordering online just because it is easier, or because I keep forgetting.

Is Propane Taxi Worth It?

Propane Taxi is an online delivery service that will deliver a full propane tank for your grill. If you’re like me, what you typically do is take the propane tank that you already have and take it to the grocery store, or Home Depot, or whatever and exchange it for a full one. This is kind of a pain because you have to disconnect the old one, put it in the car, drive it over there, leave it outside (because you aren’t allowed to bring them into the store), go into the store, pay for a new one, and then go back outside where an employee unlocks some sort of storage cage and then you haul that fresh (and heavy) one back to your car.


The worst part for me is, that it is such an extra hassle that I don’t really want to do it with my grocery shopping because I already have a full cart and waited to check out and everything. But, I also don’t want to make a special trip. So, basically, I don’t want to do it at all, so it ends up taking me forever to get a new one.

The biggest pain of all, is that I never really remember at the right time. I think, “Oh, I’ll grill some steaks,” and then remember that I’m out of propane. Well, then it’s dinner time, I can’t go get propane right then. By the time I’m done eating, I’ve completely forgotten about it. It would be great if I could order propane online whenever I thought of it, and have propane tanks delivered to my home.

Ordering From Propane Taxi

Enter Propane Taxi. I’m pretty sure you aren’t allowed to ship propane through the mail, so something like Amazon is pretty much out. Besides, if you have to buy a new tank, it ends up costing over $40. So, what you need is a way to do an exchange, but schedule it online.

propane taxi review

My full propane tank from Propane Taxi.

This is how Propane Taxi works: You go online and you place an order. For my zip code, the price is within a dollar or two of what I would pay at 7-11 or Safeway, or whatever, just over $20. Now, they have all kinds of other tanks and even a hookup service, or whatever. But, the basic transaction is that you order a propane tank exchange, and then they tell you what day it will happen. Sometimes, you can save a few bucks by ordering as “non-rush” or whatever. This is perfect for me, since it usually takes a few weeks before I ever get around to filling it myself, so I don’t really mind if it takes an extra three or four days.

I was a little big worried because it says that they only exchange the OPD tanks, and I don’t really know what that means, but the pictures looked kind of like my tank, so I went with it.

Basically, if you have one of those Blue Rhino tanks or the other kind you get when you exchange tanks a grocery store or hardware store, then you’re good to go. If you take your empty tank somewhere and have them fill it with gas, then it might be different. Check the pictures on their website to verify that your tank will work.

Then, you put your empty propane tank out on your front porch. The guy brings your new tank and basically puts it right where your old one was. Of course, he also takes away your old, empty tank.

You don’t even have to be home. In fact, I was home, and he didn’t even ring the doorbell, or anything. I found out when I got an email saying the delivery was complete.

How Much Propane is In Propane Taxi Tanks

The tank is at least as heavy as what I get from the store. Frankly it seems heavier, but the reality is that I only have to go through this process once or twice a year, so I’m not 100% sure.

Frankly, I’m not sure how this business model works unless there is a pretty big markup in the propane business, but, for now, this seems to work pretty well.

Either way, this is a great, easy, way to end up with a new, full propane tank without any extra expense, and the ease of online ordering.

I would have included some sort of affiliate link to earn money, but I don’t see that option, so this is a totally free, unsolicited review.

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