How To Create List in HootSuite

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how-to-hootsuite-documenation-help-files I figured out how to import a Twitter list into HootSuite. That is, I figured out how to take a list that I have already created and added Twitter users to inside of Twitter (on and then make that list usable inside of HootSuite. What I never really figured out how to do was to create a list inside of HootSuite independently of any Twitter user lists that I might have.

Recently, that issue kind of came to a head. As it turns out HootSuite has some really good documentation and some really useful help files which is kind of unusual for hip, new, social networking, Web 2.0, web services these days. It makes me want to keep them around longer and not bother ever looking at all of the other Twitter management services and desktop Twitter applications that seem to constantly pop up.

On the other hand, finding exactly what you are looking to do with HootSuite can be a bit difficult because so much information and options have to be jammed into the main user interface in order for the product to be as powerful at managing Twitter information and multiple user accounts as it is. That isn’t really HootSuite’s fault, per se, but it can make it cumbersome to learn about new features.

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Fortunately, the solution has already been crafted by the folks at HootSuite. They have a section that is easily accessible when you click “HELP” at the bottom of the main HootSuite display page. It’s under Help Files – of course – but then under a secondary section called How To Articles. Usually, how-to articles is code for, here is how to do the most basic of things that you probably have already figured out, but if we put a bunch of them here it will look like our service is well documented. Fortunately, that is not the case with HootSuite whose How To articles are actually detailed step by step instructions for doing just about anything, including creating new lists inside of HootSuite.

The only reason it took me more than two seconds to find is that there are two how to articles listed above the one I needed about importing Twitter lists, but I can’t complain about that. After all, having everything fully documented in a virtue, not a problem.

If you want to know how to create a new Twitter list inside of HootSuite, here is the how to article I am talking about.

Have a Good Week Everyone, and I hope you don’t catch whatever illness I managed to pick up from my son this last week.

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