Allow All Third-Party AdSense Networks

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I’ve been micro-managing which Google certified ad networks have been allowed on my websites. However, lately, I remembered that there was a time when I allowed them all and saw my earnings go up. I did not click the AdSense publisher option to automatically allow new third-party AdSense networks.

The idea is that by enabling each new third-party advertising network manually, and then watching my AdSense reports to see if my earnings go up or down, I should be able to tell which networks hurt my earnings by either lowering the click-through-rate or by lowering the average cost-per-click. The catch is that my AdSense earnings naturally increase and decrease even without making any changes. Some times the end of the month generates higher CPC and sometimes lower CPC. In some cases, the click thru rate goes up on Fridays and sometimes it goes down.

I noticed recently that I had a couple of dozen third-party ad networks still blocked on my Google AdSense account. Some I determined to have a potentially negative effect, but many others had never been tried at all, let alone for more than a day or two.

So, today I enabled all ad networks, including the Google AdSense third-party networks lowering earnings in my previous tests about how well the 3rd party ads perform for my websites. We’ll see if there is a major impact, or if there is no impact at all.

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Hopefully, Google knows what they are doing and using all of those additional third-party ads makes my AdSense income double! Actually, I solid increase of AdSense income would be nice, but I suspect that for all my efforts manually adding and removing the new ad networks, that everything stabilizes pretty much the way it was before.

How have you handled your third-party ad networks on AdSense? Do you enable them all or only a handful? Have you tested how the 3rd party ads hurt your earnings or boost your AdSense profits?

Time will tell how things work for my small network of websites.


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One thought on “Allow All Third-Party AdSense Networks”

  1. paula says:

    yeah, i blocked the adsense ads that were the “get rich quick” and a bunch of others.

    some made my adsense monies go down, but it’s worth it knowing i’m not pitching a lot of crap to my readers.

    besides, God gives me new ways every day to increase those earnings, so those are going back up. stay tuned…Happy Earning to you!

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