SEO When SEO Wasn’t Cool

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pur-water-filter-logo Google has forced us to change a lot of what we do. In particular, writers and marketers were forced to dance to a different drummer, one who asked us to do things in a way that was inferior to what we used to do. Convoluted titles (plus title tags with the right keywords) and silly domain names are a couple of examples of things that Google hath wrought.

Another involves branding. Any company that hopes to be successful for the long term needs to think about branding. Branding means distinguishing yourself from others who do, or claim to do, similar things to your company. That is why it is Coke vs. Pepsi, not Great Cola Soda vs. Tasty Cola Soda. Both of the latter would be regarded as cheap generic knockoffs, not high-end brands.

Incidentally, this is one of the best ways to distinguish an ongoing concern with concern for the long-term future from one that just hopes to make a splash on the Internet. Trabach Motors (or whatever) is probably a lot more serious about their future in making cars while Best Top Motor Cars is probably a lot more serious about their website generating cash flow in any way possible.

However, in the last few days, I’ve noticed some things that are search optimized even though they were created before there was such a thing as a search engine, or at least before anyone cared what the search engines were looking for. This post, is dedicated to them.

Search Optimized Brands – Accidentally SEO Ready Brands

  • Pur – The water purifier brand kills a handful of birds with one stone. First, it’s very name catches the most probably typo or spelling error. No need to register another domain for that. Also, "pur" is part of the word pure. No doubt, this counts at least a little bit when both pur and pure show up in the website text in a way that seems both natural, and like it exists thanks to "stemming." Finally, (somebody beat them to it) or even would be great domain names, especially if they had been savvy enough to grab and too.

Others Coming

Yes, I have others. I just have to find that notebook. It would help if I developed better organizational skills.

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