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Have you ever known what you wanted but not been able to articulate it, even to yourself?  That’s where I have been for a long time with regards to this site.  I’ve been through dozens of 3 column layouts because I was sure I wanted three columns.  Truth is, I did want three columns, but I did not want two sidebars.  So, everything I looked at looked a little off.  I’d load one up and go, we’ll kind of…but not really.

The impasse was broken when I stumbled upon the Revolution Theme.  That looked pretty good.  But, they wanted a hundred bucks for it.  Yeah, maybe when this site is making money.  From there I found Mimbo and its clone Branford both of which had a lot going for them, but still just a hair off.  I spent a hour or two figuring out how they worked and started jotting down the changes and customizations I wanted.  I started looking at the list and figured I’d be spending a lot more time designing than writing.  I was going to give up and just go with something when my direction shifted. 

I found this theme, its called Transmission and it is a garish nightmare of colors and a header graphic loud enough to make you want to fall out of your chair.  But, those things are easily fixed and for the time being I’m going with it.  We’ll see how it works out.  It has a lead article which I like and then two columns for content, not for menus and archives and tag clouds.  I’ll tweak it of course, and who knows maybe I’ll hit on something else, or enough of what I want will stop hiding behind the subconscious wall and show up in the front part of my brain where I can do something about it.  Until then…here we go.

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