Twitter Quitters Don’t Get It, Or Twitter Stay-ers Just Really Wish They Were Actually Cool

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Because I have no intention of registering for an account at ABCNews just to comment on its Twitter story, I’m posting my comment here.

Read the story here first.  If you insist on skipping reading the original story, the premise that Twitter IS a really great thing and if you don’t think so, its because you don’t get it.  What you don’t get is that all of the reasons you think it is dumb are actually myths.  (Silly non-Twitter enlightened user.)

Ah, the old modern art argument.  It isn’t two blue squiggles with feces smeared on it.  It is a revolutionary way to think about the enslavement of the working class in cubicles by the upper-middle class hairdressers who eat at McDonald’s.  YOU, just don’t get it.

I can’t help but wonder why the users of Twitter seem to be the only ones who feel like they constantly have to "enlighten" other people about how great Twitter is.  Does the lady protest too much?

Where are all the passionate defenses of Facebook and LinkedIn and other social networks?  Why don’t they feel the need to constantly defend themselves?  Could it be because there actually is intrinsic value in those networks, whereas you have to work, really, really, hard to make Twitter worthwhile to you.  Maybe that’s because it is nothing but a bunch of junk.  Or, perhaps more to the point, it is nothing more than people passing on amusing but worthless little stories and blog posts that, if you really wanted to, you could find on your own with the tiniest bit of effort.

I’m still on Twitter for that 2% of the population who thinks that means you "get" social networking, but frankly, I enjoy other sites much more.

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