Sprint LG Optimus Gingerbread Update Makes Volume Too Loud

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Like many others, I had an issue with the in-call volume on my Sprint LG Optimus being too loud after updating to the latest version of Android. Sprint pushed the new Gingerbread Android OS to LG Optimus S phones in late September. The good news is that Sprint is supporting its low-end cell phones with new Android updates. The bad news is that some people are having issues with their mobile phones after this update.

In Call Volume Too Loud After Update

too-loud-sprint-lg-androidThe biggest issue for me was that the ear volume during a phone call was way too loud. I had to hold the phone away from my ear to hear properly and that meant that everyone around me was hearing my cell phone conversation too. This is both rude and embarrassing. Pushing “Down” on the incall volume button on the side of the handset did nothing. While Sprint and LG are working on an official fix for the Android update, I think I found a workaround that works for now.

It seems that during the update, the value for setting the in-call volume on the phone is inadvertently linked to another volume setting on the phone. Unfortunately, that means that using the volume button to change the call volume does not work because it is changing a setting that is no longer being read properly. To fix, the volume issue, you need to fix the setting so that it can be updated. The following procedure worked for me.

  1. Go into the Settings -> Sound menu and change every volume setting so that NONE of them are set to the maximum. (I don’t know why this matters, it just does.)
  2. Make a call (to voicemail is fine) and push the UP button for the in-call volume so that the display reads at least one up from the lowest setting.
  3. Pull the battery out of the phone and wait 30 seconds to get a full power off and reset.
  4. Put the battery back in.
  5. Make a call and use the button on the side of the phone to adjust the volume to a comfortable level.

No Spelling Suggestions While Typing

Another issue I had, along with many Sprint customers, was that the spelling suggestions, known as predictive text, did not work with the updated Android keyboard.

Sprint’s suggestion for a workaround is to use the Swype keyboard, which has a functioning as you type spell checker and suggestions.

As someone who had previously downloaded the much better free Gingerbread keyboard to my Froyo OS LG long ago, I simply re-downloaded that keyboard app. The predictive type on this keyboard still works.

Sprint and LG Android Fix Update

Until LG and Sprint release fixed update of Android, or issue a patch of some sort, these workarounds allow you to enjoy the better functionality and security of Gingerbread without losing important features on your phone. If, however, you prefer to go back to the old Android version on Sprint LG Optimus, Sprint has released a temporary solution that allows you to downgrade or revert back to Froyo from Gingerbread.

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