Things I Need to Read

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Here is a partial list of the things I need to read to stay on top of all the things from my Twitter feed that I have found interesting or that I think I need to know for business or personal reasons.

twitter-reading-listI use the "Star" function in TweetDeck to bookmark tweets that I want to follow up on later. That’s because none of the usable Twitter clients out there allow for a "bookmark" or "read it later" function. Some people claim that would defeat the purpose of Twitter, but the fact is that users in my feed often share interesting, relevant and COMPLEX information via links that they Tweet about. Since I read a lot of my Twitter feed in between other projects, and often while on my Android smartphone, delving into these articles in "real time" doesn’t make sense. That leaves me with two options: either wade back through my feed until I find those links again (those that I remember, that is), or flag them somehow so that I can find them all again later.

Using the star functionality to flag item is just fine except for that it implies an approval of the item BEFORE I get a chance to actually read it. I don’t really like that, even if my stars aren’t exactly the kind of thing that moves the heavens.

If someone is looking for a new feature to add to their Twitter client, I suggest a bookmark or save for later function.

Oh, and more important than that, can someone PLEASE make a mobile Twitter client with the most important Android feature there is? Make a client that can be moved to the SD card? I don’t need a stupid widget. When I want Twitter, I open Twitter.

P.S. While we are at it, Google can you figure out how to allow an app to be installed to the SD card AND have a widget? Not every widget has to take the kind of power or instant access that being in the main memory offers.

August Reading List

There are a lot more of these, but if I spend all my time linking them here, I won’t get the chance to read any of them.

On the bright side, with the links securely saved here, I can clear seven tweets out of my "favorites" column on TweetDeck.


Happy Friday, Everyone.

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