When Is Procrastinating Kismet?

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It is always fun to find new art that you can enjoy.

I love Edvard Munch.  I once travelled to Vienna primarily to see The Scream painting that was part of a large Munch exhibit they had at a newly renovated art museum there.  As others flitted through the installation stopping for more than a few seconds only in front of the iconic Scream painting, I slowly tore myself away from in front of numerous paintings only because I knew that there was a finite amount of time I could stay.  That discovery of new works that I felt that much sticks with me as one of my top experiences.

The Denver Art Museum has a painting called New Year’s Eve by Alex Katz that fascinates me.  It’s basically a light pink painting with the light of windows and the outlines of some buildings faintly visible.  To just look at, there is really nothing there, but for some reason, it stimulates my brain and I can hear the sounds on the street below, and feel the mist of a cold night.  The really funny thing, is that just by looking at it differently I can hear the calm of night after the partiers have gone home and the cold mist is replaced by the thick haze of a warmer eve.

Anyway, while I constantly find visuals I like, the occasion to stop and enjoy new art doesn’t present itself as often as I would like.  Sometimes, I just can’t get into the works.  Sometimes, I just don’t understand what the artist is trying to do, and in all fairness, sometimes the artist just isn’t as good as he thinks he is.

So it was with a grin on my face that I found myself procrastinating this morning by playing around with my iGoogle Theme and I came across this theme:


I liked it so much that I went back through to find the developer link.  Unfortunately, there is no link to a webpage or anything, but I’m a resourceful fellow and followed the domain name of the email address back to the artist, Osnat Tzadok.  I think I really like her work.  The flowers like the theme are particularly intriguing, but there are some landscapes that are really fascinating as well.  It’s a definite bookmark.

And how good of an idea is this?  Her site displays her art on different color walls so you can see how it would look in your space.

Now, I can tell myself that I wasn’t procrastinating.  Instead, the universe realized that I had spent too many days doing too much of the same thing and it was time for me to drink in something new and different and colorful to revive the spirit.  –  Now, I’ll do some work 🙂

But, next time I’m procrastinating, maybe I’ll buy some art.

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